If you're considering outsourcing part or all of your medical billing to a professional medical billing business, you might be wondering which responsibilities they'll take over and which you'll still have to complete in-house. You won't have to worry about anything when it comes to claiming filing, patient follow-up, or engagement with insurance carriers if you use a revenue cycle management solution.

Here is a detailed overview of the medical billing services we offer:

Submission of Bills and Claims

The main function of the best medical billing companies simplifies the billing and claim submission process by connecting with your electronic medical records (EMR) system and extracting the specifics of each visit, important patient information, and other data directly into a standardized claim form. Then, for each claim that has to be delivered to a payor, we run a series of claims scrubbing tools over it to verify the information is full and the relevant codes are used to achieve maximum reimbursement.

Furthermore, when claims are denied, our staff performs all necessary follow-up, resubmitting claims, and escalating concerns to guarantee your practice always receives the money it expects while delivering treatment.

Benefits Validation

It's disheartening to learn that a service you provided to a patient isn't covered under their unique insurance, resulting in refused claims and accounts receivable staying far longer than they should. We assist your team in asking the necessary questions to establish whether a patient's insurance plan will cover certain treatments before you provide them with our medical billing services.


Billing firms perform all essential credentials whenever a new physician or treatment provider joins your team or if you wish to engage with a new payor.This encompasses both public and private payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs. We maintain your active personnel and providers up to date so you don't miss out on payment owing to a lack of credentials with a certain payor.

Review of Utilization

We acquire authorization from payors to conduct specific treatments when you are able but not currently contracted for particular codes, in addition to validating patient benefits. We recognize that the insurance environment is complex and ever-changing, which is why we argue on your behalf to ensure that you receive full payment in a timely way.

Collection of Patient Payments

Another time-consuming chore your team faces regularly is interacting with previous patients who still owe you money for the services you provided. We contact you by phone, email, and letter to secure these payments, allowing your staff to focus on other critical activities.

AR Management

Billing businesses use denial management solutions to regularly monitor your practice's accounts receivable to see which outstanding payments you have yet to collect, and then they pursue the payor or patient who owes the remainder. We also issue payments on schedule and save paper and electronic files for your records.

Reporting Transparency

Any medical billing firm should guarantee that you have access to the most up-to-date financial information about the services we offer, in addition to regular meetings to discuss our goals and success. We'll go through claim submission and acceptance rates, accounts receivable status, and key transactions from the previous quarter during these reporting meetings.

Services for Medical Billing You will save time and earn money

When you collaborate with professionals, you may gain a significant strategic advantage by outsourcing the monotonous and volatile duties that divert your team's attention away from providing good service. Our team's main emphasis and expertise are in revenue cycle management, and we have experience in all 50 states to ensure you get paid for the services you provide more frequently.